January 20, 2017

Thoughts on Inauguration Day...

I hope this Inaugural Day signals the end of all the whining. Or, depending upon your political persuasion, crowing over the '16 Presidential Election.

I no longer care what the vote tally was, who won the popular vote, or who won the Electoral College. Juste so long as it was honest.

It's over; let's move on.

Like it or not, Donald J. Trump will shortly be our new leader, our 45th. And just as I have the last six or seven elections, I pray our new president is up to the task.

Personally, I think the pettiness of those elected "leaders" who have chosen to forego this inauguration is beyond belief. I also find it laughable that so-called "celebrities," many of whom I've never heard, are "boycotting" the event. When I was a kid, the fact that my favorite cowboy hawked some cereal didn't make me wanna badger Mama 'til she bought it. And age has not changed that. My opinion of someone is not swayed even a little by actors and such, people who live in an imaginary world.

Who cares? We've beaten the "boycott" horse soundly, so let's dismount.

Oh, and we certainly don't want to neglect those idiot protestors making asses of themselves. If they had as dozen brain cells among them, they'd know now is not the time to protest. Today's ceremony is the 56th Inaugural Day, if my math is right; the 56th peaceful passing of leadership of the world's longest-running democratic republic. Today is about passing the torch, whether or not you like the recipient. If those bozos want to protest, they should be doing it at home, before their congressmen/women. Not today.

To the national news media, I say, "Enough! We get that every word from your mouths is golden, and by the 10th or 12th time, they sink into our little pea brains. You don't have to keep hammering!
Get off your keisters and go find some new, real news!"


Democrats and Republicans, stop playing to your radical constituency!

You Democrats in Congress, if you think your current behavior is gonna make your party stronger, or elevate you within it, you're fools. You Republicans, if you think it's time for payback, you, too, are fools. We, the Great Unwashed, don't give a rat's putout about your petty little feuds.

All y'all better get your butts in gear, and stop with the old-school politics-as-usual crap. Petty vendettas, real or imagined slights, listening to the small LOUD minorities instead of those who put you into office. And stop telling us what you think we want to hear, and tell us the truth!. We're adults, most of us, and we can handle it.

No more partisan bickering, and no more fighting among yourselves. We the People have eyes and ears, and now, finally, we're paying attention.

To paraphrase my sainted mama, "We the People put you into office, and We the People can take you out!"

If y'all don't shape up, after next election, you all will have plenty of time just to dance....

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