March 19, 2016

The GOP & Trump: Big Mistake

It's time. If I don't write about this, I'm gonna POP!

First, I'm not a member of any organized political party. (This where someone usually says, "I'm a   fillintheblank  ," and everyone goes, "eyuk yuk yuk!") I'm fairly moderate, normally. I've voted both sides of the aisle in the dozen presidential elections I've taken part in. However, the past seven years our national leadership — and I use that word loosely — has pushed me farther to the right than I'd like. The Democrat Party I once supported has been taken over by the radical Left. If FDR, HST, JFK or even LBJ could see their party now, they'd be appalled. They're probably spinning in their graves.

So, what's the alternative? At this point, it's the GOP. Not because the party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan and the Bushes is so gosh-darned great. It's because at this point in our history, the alternative is so gosh-darned poor!

For the last seven-plus years, we've been saddled with what I consider a typical Chicago ward-heeler politician. One who, although I didn't vote for, I vowed to support as I have every other president for whom I didn't vote. I hoped and prayed Mr. Obama'd grow into the job. However, he quickly proved to be a bully, an arrogant pedant, an apologist for our nation and, if not a racist, something very close to it.

We've all watched his administration stick its nose into what has basically been states' - and individuals' - business. We've seen him change laws he himself got passed, selectively enforce or ignore others, and intentionally stretch the Left from the Right about as far as humanly possible. And we've seen him openly favor some segments of society over others. We've watched helplessly as our Congress stood by as his executive orders to undermined our Constitution. We really picked some Great Unifier, didn't we?

The Democrat Party has sold its soul to the Left. It has two candidates: one's an unapologetic socialist who wants to give everything to everybody, and the other's an I'll-do-anything-to-be-president-except-tell-the-truth incompetent — and they're both trying to out-socialist the other. People are fed up!

The GOP has a solid chance to own all three branches of the federal government. But its leaders have shown they have no clue. They've bought into media's bombastic description of this 2016 campaign as "toxic." Hand muffling my mouth, I cough "bullshit!" If the GOP doesn't wise up quickly, they'll not only have looked a gift horse in the mouth, they will have kicked its teeth in.

I'm not necessarily a Trump fan. But there's as reason he's gathered such enthusiastic support. And it's not because he appeals, as his critics and media "experts" contend, to ignorant rednecks, racists or worse. Neither GOP leaders, the Left nor media "experts" have a clue The closest they get to real people are the cabbies who bring them to work. Heck, 99.9 percent of them couldn't find their own butts at high noon with as flashlight. People want straight talk and simply don't care that Trump exaggerates. And they certainly don't care if he's politically correct.  They're fed up to here with being lied to. They want a leader who call it as he sees it; one who has a feel for their predicament.

GOP leaders are afraid, because Trump's methods are not politics as usual. They're ignoring what they've claimed to need for years: a diversified voter base Trump has handed them. They're afraid they'll lose control of "their" party. They've forgotten or don't care that the party belongs not to them, but to it members. They've also fallen into an Obama mindset. Whereas he thinks the presidency of the United States is an emperorship, GOP leaders've forgotten that it's not. Instead of seeing Trump as a potential uncontrollable tyrant, party leaders should remember if the GOP controls the government, they'll be working with a Republican president.

The GOP needs to STOP trying to torpedo its frontrunner and begin helping him. To those who've threatened to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected, I say, "Don't let the door hit you on the butt." To conservatives I've heard who threaten to boycott the election, or jump to the Democrat Party, I say, "Cowboy up, and stop pouting!"

As I noted earlier, Donald Trump is not my ideal candidate for president. Nevertheless, I'd be a much bigger fool than I think I am to boycott the election, or to vote Democrat, with either action handing my vote to the crazies from the Left who either want to destroy this country or are too stupid or naive, or both, to know any different.

Any one of the original 17 GOP candidates would make a better president than TweedleBern or TweedleHill. And infinitely better than the current White House occupant. So, I'm voting GOP, no matter WHO the candidate ultimately is.

...And this is too important to just dance....


themom said...

The only time you will agree with everything a candidate stands for is if YOU are the candidate. And We the People are not enthralled with the cussing and faces, and belittling that Trump seems to be unable to control, BUT we want someone that will kick @ss and Take names for us. And keep the wolf from the door, and no wimp is gonna do that. So in the spirit of "Give 'em Hell Harry", "Tear 'em a new one Trump"

Anonymous said...

You are spot on. It's as though the Justice Department/FBI have taken a recess on the investigation of Hillary Clinton's actions - a timely move on their part.

Seven years ago, I said the biggest factor in Barack Obama's election (and I've said many times since) is "Historical Significance". He is our first President of Color.

Now, it appears "Historical Significance" will again raise it's ugly, uninformed head and bring Hillary Clinton to the Whitehouse once agin, but this time as the first woman President.

Tom Wms.