February 9, 2012

Our "Leadership" Is Just Unbelievable!

I just saw an interesting article saying scientists speculate humans may have descended from sea sponges. I think they're onto something. Without getting into the theology of such a discovery, I offer proof:

Anyone who doesn't believe that we descended from sea sponges only needs to take a good hard look at the U.S. Congress.

I rest my case....

I have a question about the No Child Left Behind Law.

We -- I say "we," Congress -- passed it in 2001. Basically, it mandated that all public school-educated children be proficient in reading and mathematics by 2014.

It's now 2012, and we learn that the president is granting compliance waivers to 10 states and plans to let, what, 28 more off the hook? My question:

How did this happen?

Without even getting into the folly of government by fiat our president seems to favor, I want to know, first, how can any school in this country take 11 (that's right, ELEVEN) years NOT to teach any kid of average smarts reading or mathematics? I'm not an educator, but I'm confident I could teach such a child not to read or work fractions in a LOT less time than 11 years!

For some time now (by that, I mean years), the NCLB Law has been criticized for being all but impossible to implement. As I understand it, certain "unworkable" aspects of the law were uncovered almost immediately. Did no one in government think to say, "Hey, maybe we better take another look at this thing. We certainly don't want to pass an unreasonable law."?

Professional "educators" and our federal "leaders" wouldn't even have had to get off their butts just to THINK about it a bit.

Once again, I have this bit of advice to offer to our federal officials:



If you know me, you know I GOTTA say something about our president's increasing tendency to skirt Congress. I can understand his frustration. Some of his efforts I applaud and think they certainly are worthy of consideration, at least. A couple of his goals may even be noble.

But he's started down the proverbial "slippery slope." I don't believe the American People elected him to rule by decree. (And if we did, we shouldn't have and shame on us!) As our chief executive, he's our top manager. The last time I looked up the words "manager," "executive" or "administrator," "dictator" was not a synonym.

One man does not rule the United States. Obama is becoming an imperial president, and that has to STOP! Congress MUST get its collective head out of where-the-sun-don't-shine and hit the brakes on this bus. Either by taking away his license to drive or, at the very least, getting up and taking back the steering wheel!

If not, all we'll have left is just to dance....