January 25, 2012

Opinions are like...everybody has one!

I must respond to Ian Moone's comments on my previous blog. Then, that will end it.


I applaud your apparent ability to research and your apparent study of history. Your life has colored your opinions just as my life as colored mine. Maybe that accounts for the cynicism and bitterness I sense in you. Regardless, I do not call you ignorant because of them.

You see, Ian, the difference between you and I is that you seem bitter and to have given up on our nation -- perhaps on people, too. Conversely, I believe in our country, and I believe in the innate goodess of the individual.

We as a nation have made a great many mistakes over the course of our existence, both recent and "ancient." We've undoubtedly committed some acts for which we should be ashamed. For my part, however, I choose not to dwell on the past.  It's gone; we cannot change it. We can only hope learn from it. And try to better our behavior and the lives of those around us for our children.

Does that excuse those mistakes and actions? No!

I don't believe, though, any rational person can equate U.S. actions in modern times, however horrible they may be/have been, with Stalin's. He incarcerated, tortured and murdered MILLIONS of his OWN people!

Note: I define Middle America as a group of people of all races, religions and social standing trying to make their ways through life as best they can. They're NOT one ethnic group of one economic level in one area of the nation. Some of them are liberal, and some of them are not. Mostly, they want to be left alone. They're certainly not dupes of some faceless giant industrial/political/economic conspirator intent on keeping them downtrodden. To indicate they are is to paint with a broad brush, much in the way bigots and racists wield stereotypes.

I have a rhetorical question to you: If you are a U.S. citizen, and if you believe Scandinavian or other nations are edens, why are you not a citizen elsewhere? Undoubtedly, you and others with whom you're acquainted would be much happier.

...Then, we can all just dance....

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Anonymous said...

Interesting - he calls Norway a Social Democracy?? - Last I knew they were BOTH a Unitary Parliamentary Democracy AND a Constitutional Monarchy...PHEW!! - Don't ask me how it all works but - some of the differences are that we are trying to handle 310 million folks in a melting pot and Norway has just under 5 million CITIZENS....No open boarders and I am sure rather strict immigration laws that THEY ENFORCE...no NEARLY open boarders in Norway!! - I have Norwegian relatives - trust me - they have their problems too!! Nothin is perfect!!

Interesting that Norway PAYS for MOST of their social programs through Oil and Gas production - this luxury represents 25% of Norwegian GDP - so YES they have high taxes but they would be CRUSHING taxes if they did not have the Oil/Gas capability - They DO pay special attention to environmental issues but they do not let environmentalists tell them where/how they are going to drill or produce -

AND - let's sit down and take a look at the VIKINGS history of rape/pillage over a large area at one point in their history.....