May 17, 2010

Now Comes the Fun Part!

Three weeks ago today, our Only Daughter got married. It's taken this long for everything to sink in.

I thought I would have this big emotional upheaval, but it didn't happen. Sure, I was emotional at the wedding, but nothing like what I anticipated. The night before, it'd hit me that Only Daughter really was tying the knot -- and just walking her down the aisle during the rehearsal had been enough to break me down. I'd teared up and started sniffling and blowing my nose. Apparently, it'd been obvious enough that other members of the wedding party (including the pastor) had asked me repeatedly if I was going to be okay.

I was. You see, by the actual wedding day, I'd had a good talk with Myself, and we'd concluded that this was right. We'd realized that while I'd been looking the other way, Only Daughter had grown up, bought her own house and surreptitiously become a lovely young woman -- physically, mentally and spiritually -- right under my very nose. She'd become responsible, and now she was ready for the next stage of her life.

New Son-in-Law had been just as stealthy. One minute he'd been this grubby little boy that in her much younger days Only Daughter had described mostly with, "Eeeeeewww!" The next minute, he'd become this budding teenager who I was certain was set on the ruination of My Little Girl. Then, suddenly, with no warning, he'd transformed into this smart, hard-working, upstanding young man who actually had absorbed his parents' life lessons. Again, right under my very nose!

Myself had reminded me of all this, and I now knew their marriage would be right.

The wedding came off beautifully. Son-in-Law was handsome and self-assured in his wedding tuxedo (though I bet if truth be known, he was trembling like Jello inside). Daughter was bee-YOO-tee-ful, as I expected -- and true to her genes, she was the one who blubbered during the ceremony (though only a little). Mama of the Bride was positively beaming, as I'm sure was Mama of the Groom. Daddy of the Bride, me, I'm proud to say was composed, as was Daddy of the Groom. My eyes misted only once or twice, and just briefly. (During the walk down the aisle, however, I did have a little trouble when my grin nearly split my face in two.)

So now, all the trepidations and internal conflicts this Daddy of the Bride had are quieted. Mama of the Bride and I are very proud of Only Daughter, and equally proud of New Son-in-Law.

Marriage takes work to succeed, but it's so very worth it! We know Only Daughter and New Son-in-Law will have trials along the way, but nothing that their perseverance and love cannot overcome. And with God's help and with the support of their now-extended family, their life will be good.

And when all of life's stuff becomes too much to carry, well, they can alway set it aside for awhile and hold one another....

And then they can just dance!