January 30, 2010

Sleep Well, Your Leaders Are On Guard

This'll be relatively short and swee...um, relatively short.

I read something today that REEEALLY Ps me O. U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah has written a letter urging President Obama to get involved in the momentous debate over a NCAA Div. 1 national football playoff system. Can you think of anything more assinine than that? (That was a rhetorical question. Of course you can. Politicians do stupider things than that on a daily basis. But, I digress....)

Do these United States really need Congress and the administration burning their time arguing a national playoff? I mean, c'mon! It's not as if they don't have anything more important to occupy themselves with. Can you say, "Economy? Taxes? National debt? Afghanistan? Iraq? Iran? Energy? Environment?" And closer to home, "Haiti?"

You remember, don't you, how the president all but promised during his campaign that he would do something about a football playoff once elected? And then, this evening, I read a short, breathlessly reported item about how he donned the earphones and did a short stint as a radio analyist at the Duke-Georgetown game earlier today (or was it last night, if that matters?).

That reassured me. With everything with which our nation is dealing right now, it's quite comforting to know just where our national chief executive's priorities lie.

Something just struck me: Sen. Hatch is a 33-year-Republican-veteran of the congressional wars. Maybe he's not as half-baked as I initially thought. Maybe he slyly brought the playoff debate to Obama's attention to distract him! Maybe the good senator thinks that If our president is wrestling with deep philosophical questions such as the need for a football playoff, then he's distracted from cramming a national health-care program down our throats, or redistributing our citizens' wealth, or nationalizing industry or any of those other things that is dangerously turning the U.S. toward socialism! Maybe that' it! Maybe Hatch is being Machiavellian! Maybe he's actually being a wily statesman! Maybe he....

Wait...NAAWWWW, that ain't it.

He is, after all, a politician. There are, of course, exceptions, but in my view, most of today's politicians don't have that many brain cells.

Ahh, well...maybe one day the Good Lord will send us a truly brilliant leader who has a firm moral foundation and his/her priorities in order, and that person will lead us into the meat of this century, and the USA will again earn respect and actually better our world.

Until then, we can always dance....