October 24, 2009

If You Can't Aggravate Your Loved Ones, Who Can You Aggravate?

I love Patmywife.

Oh, we bicker and spat. Even yell occasionally. But no spitting, biting, kicking or hitting. And thank goodness for that! She'd probably kick me into the next county or pound me into mush. No need to, though. We're best friends. She's the only woman I've ever met that could put up with me.

She was born and raised on a small cattle operation, you see, and grew up dealing with bullheadedness. She's strong as an ox (oxette?) and very tolerant, loving and beautiful.

Early on, I made the conscious choice to put my family first. It was undoubtedly the best thing to do -- and I am dead certain it contributed to the lofty career heights to which I rose (he said, tongue planted firmly in cheek). Truthfully, I never made much money, but we never starved, either. And given how things have developed up to now, I am extremely rich!

We've been married since 1975 and have two grown kids, neither yet married. We're very proud of them. Except for a couple of minor incidents during their high school years (...They never DID get the VW out of that elevator....), they've been the true joys of our lives. And to think there was a time when I seriously considered not fathering any children. What a pessimist I was.

Of course, the two of them would give me much greater joy if they'd just follow all my advice. Patmywife says that wouldn't be good, 'cuz if they did everything I tell 'em, they'd just be younger pair of mes -- and the world can't take any more mes.
And who wants to live their childrens's lives anyway? I've had enough difficulty getting my own right. Let the kids muck their lives up themselves. I don't have the time.

So, maybe I'll just dance....

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