June 30, 2008

Chapter VI-7/8

I was born a poor black child....

Yeah, yeah, hold on, hold on! I know I'm not black, but if it was good beginning for Navin P. Johnson ("The Jerk"), it's good enough for me.
Besides, I'm black under my fingernails. That counts for something, doesn't it? And I was born poor--and a child.

Ahh, but let's not quibble. This is my very first blog, and I need to get on with it. After all, I'm a busy, busy man, and I have stuff to do: like wax the cat, and change the oil in Uncle Harry.

I've been thinking about doing some writing for sometime now, 30 years or so. But I've always been too busy or lazy, or had something else going on, or been too lazy, or the time just wasn't right, or I was too lazy.... You get the picture. I've always said I would one day write about all the things that have happened to me, and all my memories.

Last year, I had a milestone birthday, and day before yesterday, it hit me: My senior moments are off daylight saving time now. Just how am I gonna write about all those things when I can't remember that for which I just came into this room?

So, I thought I'd better get to hustling. Thus, this blog.

It may develop into the rantings of a madman, the ramblings of a dribbling ol' codger, or the profound revelations of a modern mental wizard (although my money's on NOT the wizard). Who knows? Anyway, here goes.

Whatever this becomes, I'm gonna have a good time with it--and maybe you who are bored enough to have searched long enough to have stumbled upon this blog, and I, will have an occasional meaningful interchange.

Then again, we can always dance....

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